File Permissions on config.php keep reventing to 400

Quite suddenly, and now regularly, the file permissions on config.php keep changing to 400. I have to keep changing the permissions back to 644 using Filezilla.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?

I’m using shared hosting.

I only found one reference that sets the permissions to 640:

What system are you using? Is this shared hosting?

Yes, it’s shared hosting (I did mention this in my initial post :slight_smile:

I suspect (but have no evidence) that this might be a cron job that the hosting company is running. The file permissions seem to change daily around 2am to 0400. I am unable to change the permissions back to 640 via Filezilla or the cPanel file manager overnight, but during the day I can do this, which suggests the file is locked by something overnight.

Poss related, I notice that Wordpress installations config.phg file permissions on the same account are set to 400, but that WP doesn’t flag this up as an issue as it doesn’t need to write to config.php?

You can check the cronjobs on your system, it is perhaps cPanel? If you suspect the provider, you need to ask them directly, they have perhaps reasons to fix the permissions.

The hosting provider is as mystified as I am.