File or directory share to user or group in sub-directory


I am using nextcloud 23.0.12

I am using file sharing by admin user for other users. I would like to have master directory for all users and then inside of that master directory, I would like to set permissions of sub-directory for specific groups/user.

In short, I want to control sub-directory permission for users/groups.

Is it possible in nextcloud? I tried '‘group folders’ app but I found I can’t delete files/folders after created.

Thanks in advance.

Yes it is possible. For that old NC version you are running, I am not sure if a master folder is possible at all. But it is native in NC to share folders by groups. Just hit the sharing, and start typing a group name, then choose the desired group. In fact I am using this setup instead of group folders.

I have created a “shares” user. Under that user I created a folder: Shares. I then shared that with a group called SharesAdmins, giving them full control.

Then as my own user - who is in SharesAdmin - I created a subfolder and shared that with the desired group.

Since NC 26 I have been able to define a default sharefolder for all users (which they can change in their personal settings, if they so chooses):

'share_folder' => '/foldername-of-your-choice',


Logging in as “Shares user”.
Creating folder: “Shares”. Shares that folder with: SharesAdmin. Permissions: Everything.
Logging in as any in SharesAdmin.
Creating folder: “Team 1” in “Shares” folder. Shares “Team 1” with the group: “Team One”. Giving read, write, create.
Creating folder: “Team 2” in “shares” folder. Shares “team 2” with thye group: “Directors”. Giving read, write, create.

These shares are added inside the folder: “foldername-of-your-choice” which I see in root of my files.

Thanks for the details.

But I think I didn’t explain my issue properly. I have users from LDAP who can connect with their credentials.

I want to make a parent folder where all users can access. Suppose folder name: ‘shared’. Under this shared folder I make few sub-folders like accounts, marketing, IT, etc. In this particular sub-folders I want to give access only to desired group of people (department wise) and other users from other group can’t access. Like accounts group user can’t access to marketing sub-folder. But the parents folder, all user can access. I want to make it like tree of folders.

Is it possible in NC? Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand why all users always want to recreate the old file server world (CIFS/SMB) in Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a collaborative software. The structures you are aiming for are rather counterproductive. In Nextcloud and collaborative software solutions, users have control over their own data. Administrators are not usually needed for this.

Only sometimes :grinning: . Look at the app Group folders (video) again.
But also admins can use the same sharing options normal users can use.

Maybe you can better solve this problem if you like and need Group folders. Open a new thread and post screenshots and logs. Look in the admin settings for Group folders.

Update your Nextcloud. Read this.

“Share with group of people”. That is excactly what “Share->find group” means. It fits excactly what you are Auning for

Kevin Kruse