File locking helps users prevent conflicts

On the website, the following option is mentioned: “File locking helps users prevent conflicts with colleagues who are trying to edit the same files. Lock the file and collisions are avoided!”
I can’t find how to use this option

That’s strange,because it took me not more than 2 seconds to open the Nextcloud adminstrator guide, enter the word “locking” in the search field and press enter to get all matching results displayed?! :thinking:

thanks, I had done this research.
to me your article is about a low level transaction system.
my question is about the ability for a user to explicitly state that they are locking a file. that’s what one of the videos on the site shows.
I might be wrong, English is not my favorite language

Ok, maybe I misunderstood you a little bit. By installing the Temporary file lock app on your server a function will be added to Nextcloud which allows a user to lock a file on the fly to prevent editing by someone else.

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It’s perfect.
It works.
thank you.

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