File locking disabled, problems with versioning

Hi, I had some file locked so I add`‘filelocking.enabled’ => false to my config.php file like 2 weeks ago, and now I start to discover some file with that dont keep there last version.
Do you think is the problem related to this line?

What do you exactly mean? What kind of files, how were they changed (online editor in webinterface, reupload, just synched via client, …)?

I would expect that it gets a bit strange if you start to edit the same file online at the same time. Then it is not locked and both will write changes.

I use onlyoffice, indeed webinterface editor.
Before I had a problem with files, some were locked, then I find a solution adding this *`‘filelocking.enabled’ => false to my congig.php file.
And then I started to have issus with files, even if we wrote something one it, some days later, the additional writings vanished.