File Locking: Conflicts files in my company


A friend suggested I use Nextcloud in my company. We started using and liked it a lot.
But now we have a problem … which is conflicting files when 2 or more users are using it.

How can I solve this problem?

We can’t even work, but we love Nextcloud: /

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It can be normal when two users are editing a file independently, then you have to check manually what was changed since you started to edit the file.

It can also happen, when file-locking is not working properly. To have a good working file locking, it’s recommended to use redis as filelocking cache.

For more details you have to provide more information and also check the logs when the conflict is happening.


Users when they are working are always online and connected with Nextcloud.

While there is no file locking system what can I do to avoid generating conflicts?

It only happens when two users are editing the same file. If he blocked it, it would not happen.

What is redis? And how do I set it? Does this work for file locking?

If you directly use webdav and not the sync client (sync client creates a local copy), it could work with the file locking. On the other hand, if you want collaborative editing, you should take a look at collabora or only office.

I have now tried the webdav on 2 PCs and managed to open the same file at the same time. It was not blocked.
Do I need to set something up?

There is no hard lock, it must be enabled by the client. At least Finder and davfs should have this option (

There is also an open request for better file locking support:

It’s possible that it isn’t enabled at all. There is a file-locking in sabre-dav (on which NC is built) but it wasn’t implemented: