File limit per user directory Ubuntu 16.04

Hi All,

I am new user of NextCloud and started trying it out for an interesting project that I may integrate this into.

My question:

I know that the files/folder of an user are stored in the nextcloud data directory nextcloud/data/$user$/files/. I am running nextcloud server on an Ubuntu instance and I wanted to know the max number of files/folder per user. Will this be same as an inode limit for the file system? Or is there a specific limit for each file system?

That’s the main limitation. With syncing clients there were limitations when the total path length (directory + file name) exceed 255 characters but that was mainly to be compatible with any client system. 32-bit php can be problematic with files >2 GB. A part from that, I’m not aware of any limitations.

Do you have a special idea which makes you wonder?

Thanks. I am planning to use nextcloud for future project where a user may have a large number of files/folders in his directory. So, I just wanted to check.

you can always change (increase) that (and a lot of other stuff) by changing the settings in
(might have to reboot, though). I’ve done that a lot on busy servers (not for nc, though).

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just a sidenote:

ideally you datafolder is not under nextcloud/data/
but on something like /data/ on a different disk or partition for scaling and security.

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