File is locked error in hosted environments

If you have this problem and you’re using a fully managed hosted Nextcloud service is there anything you can do ?
I have no access to config.php or to underlying OS to run occ commands. Just the Nextcloud UI
Have had this happen to a couple of files now that tend to get co-edited. A bit unnerving as the fail is very silent at first - until you suddenly realise the changes you made 10 minutes ago are not there when you re-open document …

It’s very limited on hosted environments. If you use the desktop client, the new version can mark files as locked during you edit (but that’s more to avoid conflict files). Everything on the GUI with editors there should be working out of the box.

They have to care about that. You bought their service so you don’t have to bother with these issues…

I am also using a managed hosted Nextcloud service and I do had some locked files over months now and finally I wrote the support and they fixed it quite fast. As I’m a developer myself I could find out whats wrong and know whom I do have to write to get it fixed.

Definitely this is possible, but I doubt that a regular user (e.g. my family members) would contact the service provider as they just see several errors while syncing and they may think of “oh, sync errors with Nextcloud - on my previous product (Dropbox, onedrive, …) there were no errors, I switch back to that one again”