File integrety check failes all files, how to reset?

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Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 26.0.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): opensuse thumbleweed
Apache or nginx version (eg, Apache 2.4.25): apache2
PHP version (eg, 7.4): 8.1

The issue you are facing:
Since a system update the nextcloud installation automatically downgraded from the web-installed 26.0.1 to the repository version 25.0.* against my will.
So this broke my installation and I was able to fix it by manually installing v26 again trough the cli. Everything is working great again now…

Except this message: “Some files have not passed the integrity check.”

When I read the “list of invalid files” every file (total 4942 files) is listed there following the same pattern: “the expected value is empty”

[js / groupfolders - vendors - node_modules_nextcloud_vue - richtext_dist_index_js - node_modules_nextcloud_vue_dist_Com - ae25e2.js] => Array
                                **[expected] =>**
                                [current] => 893098e2b47e3a2b515442197f2d96e66f7ab7ab9ce7bf6a6b633e55f98532d01014a26c9293056f8a8542b106c78362d30b9eb334313e5a4dcea1f9d477e31d)

                            [js / groupfolders - vendors - node_modules_nextcloud_vue - richtext_dist_index_js - node_modules_nextcloud_vue_dist_Com - ae25e2.js.LICENSE.txt] => Array
                                **[expected] =>**
                                [current] => 54f514106c4b46be573c0bd8f1a1e8537b222d4281d49db34b2ac72782a77bb25dd65dfad5e1569715334008416ebd3f7b1cd0264cc56ba5332678dfbd5ea8ec)

                            [js / groupfolders - vendors - node_modules_nextcloud_vue - richtext_dist_index_js - node_modules_nextcloud_vue_dist_Com -] => Array
                                **[expected] =>**
                                [current] => c9a98a6b4d22122a02f59e0bbc8c0c9afebd8f7ede26575aac7f9df12bb07f64a587f6be34c3b35be4301d739fc38fd03894e68eb4e64f042124f5a815fe0d93))))

What can I do to solve this? There is not really a problem, it is only annoying seeing this warning the whole time so I would like to solve this… Where are the “expected values” stored in the nextcloud installation?

Thanks for the help!

I believe the integrity check uses a file called signature.json to provide the expected signatures. Maybe they file is missing due to your Frankenstein setup (not judging - just wasn’t sure what to call your situation hah).

I don’t have an install handy to look closer, but ping me later if you’re still stuck and I’ll see what I can turn up.

Yes the Frankenstein-setup is really the cause in my case…
I already checked out that manual page but it offers no direct solution unfortunately…
So if you would have any clues, even how to “falsely” generate this .json file… so this “in my case” the unnecessary warning message could disappear. It would be at great help. Everything is working fine so it would be stupid to do a reinstall only for this.

Have a great day and thanks for your response!