File handling still a pain / sync-client feature-request

When trying to upload data with the owncloud-client to a fresh nextcloud 9.0.52- server-installation, I still get the error messages, that I am used to see from the owncloud-server: …server replied forbidden

The reason are filenames that contain some special characters e.g. : ,

This is a known issue for years.

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I really hope to see this updated in a “native” nextcloud-syncclient.

Suggested solution: The upload needs to work and the client may download only files those filenames properly fit to the OS.

Unfortunately, as I have just registered, I can not post links. “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.” Strange, as my post contained exactly two.

There is a regression in OC 9.0 and probably on NC 9.0.x as well. Ref: