File/folder log at a specific time


Is there any way to get a short log/protocol of the files listed in one specific folder?
Our intention is to create a shared folder with several files inside. At the moment we start the sharing, we would like to produce some sort of log/protocol of the files inside the folder we can store for future reference.
If, for example, someone is asking why we havn’t provided file xy so that we can see that the file xy was in place.
Something like a dir or ls output saved as txt-file.


Have you checked the activity log, which can show information about all kind of file activities depending on your configuration.

not exeactly that what we need as there is no way to export the infos

our current workaround is mapping the drive via powershell and generate a dir-output into a textfile

Unfortunately your assumption is not correct. You can use the mysql command line tool to extract that information from the Nextcloud database table “oc_activity” :wink:

Not really user-friendly :slight_smile:
I need something that a standard-DAU can handle