File/folder list out of sync

Host: VM with 32 GB RAM and 2x8 cores
Version: Nextcloud 17

User management: LDAP / AD

Storage for group with 90 users:
5 External Storage folders, type: “SMB / CIFS”, auth: Login Credentials, store in DB
A: 14 GB, 10670 files, 2504 folders
B: 1,5 GB, 1661 files, 406 folders
Home: size depends on user
D: 70 KB, 4 files, 1 folder
E: 250 MB. 18 files, 1 folder

Storage for all other users:
Home: size depends on user
E: 250 MB. 18 files, 1 folder

Sharing app is also used.

Current stat:
700 users / 24 hours
150 users / 5 minutes

Setting up and customizing Nextcloud worked liked charm, including OnlyOffice, Talk, TwoFactor.

But there is one big problem: The list of files/folders is inconsistent.
One reproducable thing is: If one user logs off from browser and the same user switches to android client the list of files/folders goes back to a old state days ago.
The strange bahivour continues: After using android client and logging in again with web browser, the browser shows the same old out-of-date state.
Every person who shares files/folders with this person also falls back to the wrong files/folder list.
The user must stay in browser click around for minutes until the file/folder list gets refreshed.
But “SMB / CIFS” itself works fine: If you upload a file it shows up directly on the windows server file system.

I had a similar issue last night when checking on one of the NC(18) servers. I ended up running occ files:scan --all and occ files:scan-app-data, clearing the file cache (occ files:cleanup), and then restarting the PHP and memcached processes. From then on, everything looked fine.

We did this already multiple times and this helped temporary, but on the same day the problem showed up again.
I will try the other two commands next time too.

One week ago we also did revert the VM to a state right before adding the domain specific data and configured it again, so the cache was completly empty. But does still happen some time.

Update: now we upgraded to NC 18 and things look much better (but to early to close this).
At least one reproducable cause of outdated file list is still there:

  • User A shares a file with user B
  • User B can open the file
  • User A renames the file
  • User B still sees the old filename and can not open the file
  • User A opens the files
  • User B still sees the old filename but can open the file too

The bigger sync problem (the full list of the user steps back to an old state) can be reproduced also now, same problem as here:

if I login with username “vornar” evereything is OK
If I login with username “VorNar” file list and sharing list gets wrong on BOTH sessions
This ist not a client issue, its is reproducable in browser (Firefox used for example)

PS: We use Active Directory as backend, AD itself is not case-sensitive.