File drop for registered users

Hello, everybody,

I am currently facing the problem that I only need an upload folder.

The following case I have:
Several people upload something into a folder. Of course all other people will then download it automatically. I want to avoid this, because it is only a folder to provide data for a small group of people.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve the problem?

Use the Group Folder app and define the group that owns it

Hello Hartmut,

how is that supposed to work? There I only have a read permission and it forbids opening the folder.

No it works :wink:
Read the
Website Group Folders

I just tried it, I cannot limit the download rights.
Group = Write Share Delete
Advanced Permissions = deny Read, allow Write, allow rest

The user can no longer open the folder and upload files

As soon as I set Read to allow, the sync client immediately downloads all files again, which it is not supposed to do

I have tested it with all possible settings at Group Folders, I could not realize my intention.

Ok, then you need a kind of “drop-point”
Sorry, to my knowledge this does not exist, you have to program it by yourself.
Or ask for an extension of an app.

I don’t know how to program such a thing.

Then ask for an extension

I assume that no one will do this for free, so I have to consult first.

This is open source. If there is a wider need for such a function, you will get it for free.
If you need it professional and fast (lets say in 3 months or so) including support, then it will be best to get it by cash.

I just found a request for it but it seems to have been closed.

Ask the user @freumichCH what happend and if he got a solution. Else you can try to reopen the case.

I’ve decided to reopen.
Thanks for your help.

Yes but I would like to use this for registered users not for links :wink:

Oh, sorry for overlooking that…

Maybe I am missing something but … does the link care if it is a registered user or not at all? I do not think so - or?

No but then the share is not in the profile and the sync client cannot work with it.