File Drop encrypts uploaded files

Nextcloud Version 22.0.0 on VM at all-inkl.
Linux 5.x.x.

  • PHP Version: 7.4.30
  • Database MySql 10.5.
    Logs do not show something strange
    Server encryption activated

Problem: public file drop folder encrpyt uploaded data - no access with account that created the folder. Files a grayed out and can not be opened on any client.

Step to reproduce:

  1. Create new folder
  2. Share with upload only
  3. upload a random test.txt via the public link
  4. access via website (via account that created the folder) → file is grayed out
    If you get the file via ftp the content is following:
    —oWtXJ1xlW1D4/CePrL00ˆä—Ó m7ÝÜwï3ø00si…g0eb27ec5xxx

so it is encrpyted (good as server encryption is on), but I have no access trough any client on the file.