File download from nextcloud to nextcloud via external storage

Hi All,
I was wondering if you can automatically download files from nextcloud to nextcloud.

Below I try to explain what I mean:

I 'be running an NC20 and setup an external storage to another NC20 server.
Now I have a shared folder where I can see files that are hosted on another NC server.

What I see in the background is only the files who I try to edit are stored on my server.

My question:
Is it possible that NC automatically check every X hours if there are new files on the external NC server and download this to my local NC server?

I hope that you understand what I mean, if not let me know!


You could use an external storage (local) for each of your Nextclouds, and then sync them to each other with synchthing, rsync, …
yes that is possible, on external storages, files are expected to be changed not only from Nextcloud.

Thank you for the quick response, but unfortunately I do not manage the second NC server.

I have full control over the NC server where the external storage is created to another NC server.

I use this:

Ok, in this case you use the second Nextcloud directly, you don’t sync the files to your server. Every time you request files, they are transferred between the servers.

Yes, that is right.

Is it possible to download the files via this way in case the second NC server is temporarily offline or do I setup it on another way?