File Acess Control - Can't find collaborative tags

Hi all,

I’m running NC25.0.1 with file access control version 1.15.1.

I have an issue with the file access control app. I want to use the collaborative tags for deciding whether to allow access to the file or not. This worked until some previous version (I’m not completely sure when this problem first occurred). However, now the tags have disappeared in each flow. Furthermore, I can’t find the used tags in the search field of the flow. Does anybody face the same issue or has an idea of why this occurs?

I can assure that the tags I want to use do exist and are tagged to some files.


Same problem for my NC-Instance.
Only a few Collaborative tags are choosable in the File Access Control flow - doesn’t matter if restricted or unrestricted tags.

Did you get any help on that matter yet?

NC 25.0.2, File Access Control 1.15.1, Collaborative Tags 1.15.0