File Access Controll Translation


how and where can i Change “forbidden” and “Access denied” in order to translate it.


Thank you

Should all be in Transifex, unless the string is mistakenly not being translated - if that is the case, file a bug in the file access control repo in github ( - look for file access control)

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The translations for File Access Control can be found here:

There are already a lot of translation files for many languages. So I’m wondering if yours is really missing.
However, I believe it is not the translation in that app, that you are looking for. Searching for the string forbidden through all files there, I can’t find it.
I believe the information that you can’t access something comes from the files app itself. There I can find the string “forbidden”. But the whole string is actually “This operation is forbidden” for me (running NC13).

Edit: Oh I think it is really the File Access Control app. Just ran a test for another issue here and also saw the english text “Access denied”.
Searching again for a strings (and not only in l10n) I found:

apps/files_accesscontrol/lib/Operation.php: throw new ForbiddenException('Access denied', true);
So it might be exception that we see and this seems not translated so far.

Yes, that’s intentional.

Hi @nickvergessen

Thanks a lot for joining the conversation!
By “that’s intentional” you mean that behavior won’t be changed by no means?
I guess exceptions shouldn’t be translated so that developers can always understand whats happening, right? If so, would it be possible to move this message into a “normal” informational message (not an exception)?

Just asking :slight_smile:

Yes, the UI could react to the return code of the request and show a different message, but the endpoint must return with the given status code + message for our sync clients.


I helped myself by editing the exeption in the Operation.php. That works for “Access denied” but i know this solution survives no update, no Problem. But no solution for “forbidden” in sight, did i get that right?

By the way, the Cloud i configured allows only a few file-types to be uploaded. “Forbidden” only appears when i try to upload a not allowed file-type in a sub-Folder.