File Access Control : Request URL


A littl bit new to nextcloud, but nearly have it as i want it

My last challenge is to prevent certain folders from syncing with the desktop client

WIth FAC i have been able to turn off the sync to desktop client, but i see a feature called Request URL, which seemed to be the solution ?

The wording in manual is:

  • Request URL: The URL which requests the file. ( This is the URL the file is served from, not the URL the user is currently looking at. )

Not 100% sure what it means, i assumed i could then put something in like

So stopping that folder from syncing with the client ?

When i select the Request URL rule, it gives the example of http://localhost/index.php ???

I have tried

Any ideas/help appreciated


Hi, I am facing the same issue. did u able to find the correct Requested URL for Nextcloud files?