Fil is locked and can't be synchronised? How to fix?

Hello folks,

I’m trying to upload a bunch of pictures to my Nextcloud installation however I get the message “path and filename” is locked

What does that mean and how can I solve that? It’s only happening with 5 out of roughly 150 files?


How can I set Nextcloud into maintenance mode when I use it on a managed hosting?

If you habe shell access do it with occ Command. Otherwise set Maintenance mode in config.php to 1.

I tried the way with the config.php however I can’t replace the file on the sever once I edited it offline.

It should work, try to edit it with ftp.

I tried that as well however I then also get the error message that the permission is denied.

What are the permissions of this file? Do you use ftp? What is the owner user of the ftp user?