Field format of a table


I would like to set up a system of reminder of event by SMS by using the calendar NextCloud.
I think that I have to use the field “firstoccurence” of the table “oc_calendarobjects”.
But I stumble over a problem: the format of this field : is not “date” but “bigint”.
Would anybody know the format used to insert the date there, and how get back it in a format like “dd/mm/yy” ?


PS : I’m french, sorry for my english.

Looks like unix time.

It’s unix time.
I can have date in human format. Perfect !!!

But another question :
When I create an event in my calendar, with a reminder of event (by notification or e-mail), in what table is it recorded? Because I do not see particular field for this “option” in the table “oc_calendarobjects”.

If someone know that.

If you insert or change event, can’t you just use calDAV? It’s already a standard protocol, so you don’t have to deal with the database at all and you don’t have to deal with possible changes in the future.

@georgehrke can give you perhaps some tips&advice how to implement this. He is one of the developers of the calendar app.

I use CalDAV on my telephone and I have well the notifications.
But I would simply want to set up a system of notification by SMS by using the information registered in the Nextcloud calendar.