FIDO2 login not working on mobile client app

Hello everyone,

When I attempt to login to the Nextcloud mobile app using my Yubikey, the app states that I am using the wrong Yubikey, and then directs me to the following website I know this is the correct Yubikey, because I can login to the web interface using this device.

My goal is to login to the Nextcloud mobile app using my Yubikey so it is impossible to leak any credentials. After logging in, I want to sync my Notes, Tasks, and Calender with my mobile app using DAVx5.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Is this even possible using a Yubikey?

Is your device listed as suported:

I read somewhere that there were problems with the first attempt, which were solved by pulling out the key and offering it again.

Much luck,

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Hey ernolf!

Thanks for sharing the supported devices list. It indicated that I am using an unsupported device.

I was using a Yubikey 5C NFC, which is not yet supported. I am purchasing a YubiKey 5C and I will see if that works out.

I appreciate your time and thanks for pointing that out.