Few simple questions about antivirus and samba


I currently consider to set up a Nextcloud instance as connection point between an unsecured company network (industry machines) and the secured network next to it.

Unsecured host copies files to a Nextcloud share, this Nextcloud instace scans the files and copies them over to a secured share (if the files are clean ;-)).

Is this possible with Nextcloud an ClamAV? Does ClamAV also scans files which are transferred over samba instead of the web gui?

Or should I create a script which checks the files on the system itself and copies them if they are clean?

Does anyone has better ideas?


There is an antivirus app.

You can use samba as external storage to nextcloud. You then have a folder within your nextcloud that shows the smb storage. You can also setup samba as primary storage (so the user’s main directory is already on samba) but the setup is more tricky and documentation and examples are hard to get.