Few questions/issues about NewCloud talk


My team and I are new to NextCloud Talk, and we have been exploring its suitability for our work scenarios using the web version.

During our testing, we encountered several issues:

  1. In Chrome version 113, we faced difficulties in assigning moderator privileges to users. Although the button was active, it didn’t function properly. Additionally, we were unable to share audio from our computers. Could you please provide information on any known compatibility issues with Chrome?
  2. We noticed that certain actions, such as changing nicknames, require users to leave the room. Is there a way to avoid this interruption and perform such tasks within the room?
  3. When users log in without registering, they are assigned the default nickname “Guest.” As a result, multiple users may have the same nickname, leading to confusion. Is there a way to prompt guests to choose a unique name or ID?
  4. When logged in without registering, users are unable to view the list of participants. Is it possible to enable access to this feature for non-registered users?
  5. We were unable to locate a “waiting room” feature, where users need to be manually approved before joining a room. Does NextCloud Talk offer such functionality?
  6. We observed that each registered user can see the email addresses of other registered users. Is there a privacy setting to prevent the display of email addresses?
  7. We couldn’t find any information on whether it’s possible to enable meeting recording. Can you please clarify if this feature is available?
  8. We couldn’t locate a feature like Jamboard for collaborative visual work. Is there a similar tool available within NextCloud Talk?
  9. We couldn’t find information on whether it’s possible to save chat messages. Can you please confirm if this feature exists?
  10. The web version of NextCloud Talk does not function properly in the Brave browser.
  11. We observed that guests who disconnect from a chat remain listed as participants for some time. Is there a way to remove them from the participant list immediately upon disconnection?
  12. When a user is assigned moderator privileges, they do not receive any notification regarding the change. Is it possible to turn on a notification for moderators?

I apologize for the unstructured nature of our feedback, as it was noted down during our team meeting. We would really appreciate if you could help with some of these issues.