Few problems with the Mail app

  1. The interface is very very slow, my server on DigitalOcean uses 8GB ram, 4 CPUs.
  2. How do I enable the WYSIWYG editor on sending a new message?
  3. Is it possible to set the default imap/smtp servers to check when login?
  4. Is it possible auto-login to a mailbox using an external link?


Select “Rich text” as writing mode in account settings.

See Lacking decent documentation for groupware e-mail provisioning


I can’t find it, can you share the page where i find the Writing mode settings?

Hi same issue with nextcloud 19 fresh installation. I can check the box but no rich text formating bar tool to use.

By the way should I be worried when I run

occ integrity:check-app -vvv mail

I got the following result:

    - class: OC\IntegrityCheck\Exceptions\InvalidSignatureException
    - message: Signature data not found.

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  • Hover over your email account
  • Click on the three dots on the right
  • Click account settings

Screenshot from 2023-06-09 17-21-25

The latest release is Nextcloud 26, soon Nextcloud 27.
I recommend you to update soon.

Currently, we don’t show a formatting toolbar all the time. You have to select (e.g., double click or mouse) a word or sentence to show it. You may follow/subscribe to the issue on GitHub Use editor toolbar instead of balloon editor · Issue #4599 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub to get a notification if we change it.

Got it, but how i set it to Rich by default for all users? or when I add a user via API?

Hi @kesselb I will update one day … I really love nc19 :grinning:

Thank you for the link … great discussion.
Is it a file where I can enable rich text editing mode for the whole instance? So that it will be set by default for present user and new coming one.

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I’m not aware that we provide such a feature.
You are welcome to log a feature request at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub.