Fetch File from WebApp Frontend

Hello Everyone!

I am new to Nextcloud and I would like to build a simple Website for a non profit organisation. They use Nextcloud for Filesharing and I would like to fetch some Markdown Files from there and display in the Frontend.

So, is it possible to use Javascript in the Browser to download/fetch some files? Is there an API I could use to do that?

Thanks for Help!!

You can create a sharing link, at the end you attach /download, e.g.

and this way you should directly access the file.

I’d perhaps look into something that automatically creates everything in html files that you put on webspace. This will be faster and create less requests when you page is visited a lot.

Thanks a lot for you help! Generating download links would be an overkill. Since I have to deal with a managed Instance I cannot run code that isn’t in the app store to automate that. …

But fortunately I could manage to use the WebDAV API directly from the Browser. With this help I was able to pull the files. Additionally I added a Guest Account to create a read only user.

I agree, that In terms of performance this might not the best Solution, but I guess It’s ok for a start.