Add CORS Header to hosted Instance

Hello There!

I am running a hosted Instance of Nextcloud and I cannot modify the configuration of the webserver. Is there any App/Setting/thing I can do, make the instance reply to the OPTIONS preflight request, such that I can authorize domains to query data?

Please see the below Image that shows the failing OPTIONS request of the browser, in order to figure out if the desired request to that api is OK.



Unfortunately, you blacked out the URL. Are you talking of an app you are developing yourself or of an app that you are just using?

If you are developing yourself, you can have a look at the docs.

If it is another one’s app, I’d ask if it was possible to add a CORS API as a feature request (or add a PR if you know what to do).

Not sure what you mean by »app« here … But let me explain. I have a hosted/managed Nextcloud Instance on »« and and would like to create a website for »«. The website shall pull some files from the nextcloud instance, so the browser i going to make an OPTIONS request to »«.

Since I cannot modify the webserver setup, I am searching for a way to add those CORS Routes (http OPTION) and needed headers, such that the website from »« finally may pull the data.

Using your glossary here, I think the website is what you refer to as app.

THANKS a lot for your help!

WebAppPassword - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud maybe

Yeah!! That’s exactly what I was after! Thanks!