Feeling stupid, can't find auto-upload settings

I’m running NC 21.0.0 in a Docker container using a separate PostgreSQL DB container. My system is accessed through a HAProxy reverse proxy (running on pfSense) which mainly just does the SSL processing and pass through. I have ToTP enabled and configured.

I’m running the NC Android app downloaded from the Google Play Store, version 3.15.0 on a Google Pixel 5 running Android 11.

I’ll happily provide any additional information requested.

I cannot figure out how to enable auto-upload. The settings pages mentioned here on the forum and elsewhere never include that option. When I log into the app I get pretty much the identical experience that I get when logging in through the web browser on my phone. There is nothing different anywhere, importantly the settings menu doesn’t include any android app specific options.

Potentially related weirdness:

  • I cannot get it to add a Nextcloud account under the Android Settings -> Accounts. I navigate there, log in and I’m taken to the app but an entry is never added under Accounts.

  • Trying to download a file appears to do nothing. I long press or choose the three dots menu next to a file and choose Download and nothing happens.

  • Trying to upload a file appears to do nothing. I choose upload and nothing happens.

It seems likely I’ve messed something up somewhere along the lines. I had this working a year ago but there have been many updates since then and can’t say what caused it to stop.

Reading the issues on github and forum postings here indicate that ToTP might have something to do with the problem. But I have disabled ToTP and things break even worse (logging in just hangs).

My guess is your problem is that you see the webUI which means the web login flow didn’t work whcih is usually related to the overwrite protocal config missing in the server’s Nc Config, e.g. Some HTTP links not rewritten to HTTPS despite `'overwriteprotocol' => 'https'`

Feeling less stupid. I was missing the overwritehost and overwriteprotocol. When I moved Nextcloud to a new VM about a year ago I clearly didn’t get the config right.

Thanks for the hint. I appear to be working as expected now. Indeed, the interface does look different. I found the settings! :smiley:

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Glad it is working for you now :slight_smile: