Feedback welcome - Naming for NextcloudPi project

edit: Due to licensing confusion, NextcloudPi will remain the name of the project. Thanks!

Hi, your input is appreciated on naming for this project! The NextcloudPi project has grown from a community effort to simplify installation of Nextcloud on the Raspberry Pi platform to become an official Nextcloud project supporting all platforms. It has added many unique features to the Nextcloud platform such as ncp-web, and can be installed in many ways:

  • Arm devices of most all types are supported or in testing: Pi, Odroid, Rock64, OrangePi, etc.
  • Berryboot image
  • x86-64 bit systems as a curl script or Docker image

Do you have any naming suggestions for the project? This is especially important for those benefitting from this official release while not using a Pi device. Here is a dictionary listing of possible names to get you started.

some suggestions from the telegram group (@NextCloudPi)

  • NCPlus (*)
  • NCPilot
  • NCPortableInstaller

(*) my favourite


Argh… NCPlus was on my list as well.
As well as

  • NCPro
  • easyNC or
  • NCeasy
  • NC4U
  • NCPlusInstall (ncpi)

… to be continued

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Why not

  • NCpimp
  • NCpit


going on here…

  • NCPerfectInstall(er)
  • NCPersonalInstall(er)

someone on telegram added

  • NextCloudPetite
  • NextCloudHome

The Nextcloud team thinks that NextcloudPlus is a bad idea and could lead to confusion:

Correct, NextcloudPi has decided to stick with the name NextcloudPi. See the most recent article on