Feedback on the Releases category

The Releases category has no pinned ‘About…’ topic, so I have no idea what the moderators have/had in mind. What strikes me is that almost exclusively announces of beta’s and RC’s are being published there. If I was interested in those, I would expect and find them on Github.

But this forum is - as I understand - not targeted at developers but at server admins and end-users. So here I would expect announcements for real releases. But only on rare occasions and not consistently they appear here.

I know I can set notification for updates and apps on the server, but on a forum like this there is more space for release notes, explanation and attention points.

There is a pinned topic but not very specific on what to expect:

Well, there are quite some apps developed by the community, the translation relies a lot on the community, and the community is even involved in testing and documentation. Therefore it is important to communicate about future versions before they are actually released. Since there are different platforms (transifex, github, forum) it’s not so bad to centralize this on the forum.

There have been announcements in the past for new releases in this section, recently it is more often on the News section.

You probably just want a feed to get news about a new release, you could e.g. hook up to the github releases (you will also get the beta and RC releases). Normally, your Nextcloud can also check for updates on a regular basis and send you notifications within Nextcloud.

Not sure the best way to clean up things a bit…

It was “unpinned for me”. I can re-pin it, but after about 30 sec. the pin turns upside down again. Apparently you have the Discourse setting automatically unpin topics enabled so I must have been there some day. But as you said, it is not very specific on what to expect.

Normally, your Nextcloud can also check for updates

It does, and it sends me an e-mail with just “Update to Nextcloud 26.0.0 is available”. No link to the release notes, no link to a topic here with background information. Your average Wordpress plugin, created by one man in his spare time is more informative.

Over the past months I’ve learned where to find the changelog, but that doesn’t provide any details. It links to a blog written in marketing language.

The documentation has a section release notes, but that only links back to the changelog.

What I’m looking for is a list of new functionalities, changes in requirements (like PHP version f.i.) and above all: know issues.

I have 15 years experience in managing WordPress, SMF and even Discourse. But I’m a newby in Nextcloud and I have a hard time finding my way around.

We did this manually on the forum in the past, when we discovered many bugs with repeating questions about it. Recently, it wasn’t enough that someone was motivated to create such a list here … (forum is from volunteers).

Yes, I see the point. You find the information somewhere (partly in the docs, partly in changelogs, …) but it would be nice to have it at one place.

So from the forum, we can do anything we want with the forum. However, for the whole release procedure, it is better to discuss this with the developers. They normally have a list of tasks for each new release:

Regarding missing changelogs recently: