Fedora version update keeps trying to downgrade nextcloud

I had nextcloud 16.0.3 installed in Fedora 27. When I would try and upgrade to Fedora 30 it would keep trying to downgrade nextcloud to version 9.xx(said so in login screen).

I did the update using the ‘–exclude nextcloud’ parameter and it works fine but there were several php dependencies as well as nextcloud-httpd and nextcloud-mariadb that were not upgraded as a result.

The fedora package says it is version 10.0.4-7.fc30 (I believe), and so why it states it dropped to version 9.xx in the browser is strange.

Is there a way I can get this to work without reinstalling nextcloud? Do I need to be using a different repository perhaps?

Got this to work finally. More or less you treat it like a manual upgrade. Its easier since all the files are the same and you arent really upgrading nextcloud at all.

  1. Backup everything in /usr/share/nextcloud
  2. Update fedora
  3. Find out fedora downgraded nextcloud
  4. Stop httpd
  5. Copy contents from the backup you made into the nextcloud folder, overwriting everything.
  6. Change all permissions(in the manual upgrade docs).
  7. Restart httpd
  8. Occ upgrade (this says there is nothing to do, but it also removes the complaint you just jumped up major versions)

Very annoying but workable