Fedora 36 RPM v AppImage Issues

HI Guys
I have my NC on my Unraid server running fine. When i added the RPM Fedora 36 it connected but i can see no files it does not sync.
It is very buggy and creates lots of icons that cannot be cancelled. All my other RPM run fine with no issues.
I checked your website and saw a Appimage so not sure which is the better to use.
But i note that i removed the RPM via the software package but i note it leaves lots of remnant files?
WHich is the best app to use and if it is Appimage how can i remove old files left over from RPM?

It doesn’t look like you installed the rpm, but rather the flatpak. You can remove it by issuing

flatpak remove com.nextcloud.desktopclient.nextcloud

If you still see leftovers in ./var/app... after that, you can delete them manually.

The AppImage should work fine but doesn’t provide file manager integration (the little status icons and the right click menu). Alternatively, you could also use the rpm from the Fedora repos, which is not quite up to date, but works just fine.

sudo dnf install nextcloud-client

Could i ask in Fedora 36 it has an option from online services which includes Nextcloud. Is it possible to use this or is this not a sync client?

It doesnt’s sync your files but It connects your Nextcloud via a WebDAV drive in order to access the files. It also integrates Calendar and Contacts with GNOME.