Federated Cloud ID same as desired Email

New to Nextcloud and still learning. I’ve searched the forum, and google, and even Reddit and can’t find the answer I need. Sorry if this has been answered already but I honestly can’t find it.

When my NC instance was set up it automatically set up my Federated Cloud ID as oppy1984@example.net, the problem is I was hoping to set up an email with my registrar with the same oppy1984@example.net.

My question is will this cause a conflict if I use an email identical to my Federated Cloud ID?

I know I could just use oppy@example.net but I’ve used the oppy1984 screen name & email for so long I’d like to keep it. If it will cause a conflict I’d prefer to change to the Cloud ID to oppy84 or just oppy since it will be used far less frequently.

Only that it could create confusion, since it is a federated id and a mail address. Or an advantage because they are identical. You could use a different subdomain for the nextcloud storage if you want to avoid it (e.g. storage.example.net)

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I’m not really worried about the confusion issue since I don’t see myself sharing with very many people, I’m the only person I know used NC at the moment. Thanks @tflidd for the swift reply, now I’m off to set up my email. :incoming_envelope: