Federated Cloud ID request


For the Nextcloud API requests, we need to insert, as a “username”, the Federated Cloud ID of the user to perform operations.

1- Is there a way to get that ID by using the user’s email ?
2- If so, what privileges should be granted to perform such request?

The Federated cloud id is in general

This gets a bit messy if you are using mail addresses as usernames:

In order to call the API requests, we should use an ID in the form of :
G1B22A9F-9I8G-21G6-7812-0H63V21T6QR5 which can be retrieved from the user’s personal info section.

My question was, is there a way to query that ID by using the user’s username or email?

@nickvergessen @LukasReschke Can you help?

The directory which I should add to the base URL would be the following:


@nickvergessen @LukasReschke Hope you can help.