Features Suggestion - Tagging

Hi all,

Any Evernote users here ? If yes, I believe that you must be impressed by the tagging system of Evernote: nested tag, and a separate nested tag view [this is the only reason i stick with Evernote, and perhaps webclipping too].

The beautify of tag view + nested tag system is that one could tag a file using various tags, and the tag view effectively provide a second filing systems without duplicating the file itself. This could also avoid the necessity to implement a “symbolic link” system within NC, which is requested by lot of ppl. Use case:

The following documents are physically located as follows:-

/client_list/abc-company.doc [tagged with “project a”, “project b”]
/marketing/quotation-1.doc [tagged with “project a”]
/marketing/quotation-2.doc [tagged with “project b”]
/inventroy/order/123.doc [tagged with “project a”]
/inventory/order/456.doc [tagged with “project b”]
/account/bill/xyz1.doc [tagged with “project a”]
/account/bill/xyz2.doc [tagged with “project a”]
/account/bill/xyz3.doc [tagged with “project b”]

And the the tags are nested in this way:
“company abc”
– “project a”
– “project b”

In the tag view, we will find:-
#“company abc”
– “project a”
*** abc-company.doc
*** quotation-1.doc
*** 123.doc
*** xyz1.doc
*** xyz2.doc
– “project b”
*** abc-company.doc
*** quotation-2.doc
*** 345.doc
*** xyz3.doc

Would it be nice to have this feature ?

Of course, it’s more easier to say than done. But I hope that the development team may consider this feature and plan it in long run, say NC 16 ? ^^


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Agreed, a powerful tagging implementation would add a lot of value. Being able to make multiple associations of file/folders is very powerful, and creates a new uses of data storage and its meta and relations.

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