Feature suggestions for nextcloud collectives inspired by GitLab wiki

Dear community,

we’re currently planning to migrate our company’s internal documentation for our workflows and projects from GitLab Wiki to Nextcloud collectives. The main reason for this step is the lack of user-friendly navigation in GitLab’s Wiki feature, which makes it very hard to use for big documentation with deeply nested folder structures and lots of pages.

While Nextcloud collectives does a way better job in terms of navigation with its fully customizable sidebar, dynamic and user-friendly re-arranging of pages via drag&drop and the possibility to add emojis to every page, it’s however lacking some crucial features that we’ll be missing when migrating from GitLab Wiki. Therefore I’d be happy to see such features in future releases of Nextcloud Collectives:

  1. Make it possible to embed videos: This is currently possible in GitLab, we’re currently hosting video tutorials on our own Nextcloud instance with a public share URL and embed them into our GitLab Wiki, which works like a charm. It would be a great benefit if it was possible to also embed videos that are hosted on Nextcloud in Collectives Wiki as well.
  2. Automatically generated table of content (TOC): In GitLab there’s a simple tag for Wiki pages that generates a table of content automatically for the current page based on all sub-headings, thus creating very clear and easy-to-navigate Wiki pages.
  3. Clickable deep-link icons (e.g :link:) that create a shareable URL for every heading: This makes it easy to quickly send links to a certain section of the Wiki page to colleagues.

Besides, one thing that also bothers me personally but has a relatively low priority in comparison with the other feature requests I’ve mentioned: Both the name and icon of the Collectives App are - in my personal opinion - not ideal for a Wiki-like documentation solution because it’s not intuitive. It would therefore be great if it’d be possible for the administrator to set a custom icon and name for the app within the navigation.

I don’t know if that’s the right place for feature suggestions, I’m also happy to create tickets directly in GitLab if that makes it easier.

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You’ll want to file these requests to their gitlab for them to see this.

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Thanks, I’ve created the following issues:

Thanks, I’ve created the following issues:

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