Feature request: Web Interface "Make Copy/Duplicate File"

A feature that seems to be missing, or at least I have not seen it, is the option/ feature within the web interface to create a copy of a file within the working directory. such as creating a copy of “file.txt” as something like “copy_file.txt”. I have ran into this when using a text template for creating workorders that I need to store. I use a master template, and create a work order form that template in onlyoffice. I know in GoogleDrive, I am able to create a copy of the template, rename it, and then edit it to reflect the contents I want to add. also Onlyoffice doesn’t give me an option to “Save As”, just “Save” as in “save the current document”. And this seems like a feature better suited for the file manager anyways.


Also, I forgot to add, I am using NC 11.03 and Onlyoffice on a single Ubuntu server with Nginx

Hi there!

I know this is old but since there is no answer here I decided to post it.
This has been discussed on github in multiple issues and was implemented on Nextcloud13 (still beta).

For now you can install the Files clipboard app, which will add Cut / Copy / Paste buttons (but no Duplicate button). In this case the Copy function just doesn’t work to duplicate files (you need to copy to another folder and move back).

From what I have seen they have implemented the Copy button inside/together with the Move button.

Link for the app:

Relevant Github Links:

So maybe the Files clipboard app will still be relevant at NC13 and seems like there will be no conflict. Not sure but we can just disable Files clipboard before upgrading.