[Feature Request] Virtual Files Image Thumbnails

Hi All,

Wanted to put it out there that the new virtual files feature has been working great in my testing with one exception - thumbnails for online only images. This likely is a bigger deal for me than many others as I predominantly store image files in NextCloud and I have more stored than can fit on my laptop SSD.

I think the Windows CloudFile API supports this as OneDrive will sync placeholder thumbnails for offline images - perhaps something to consider implementing in a subsequent release?

Details here:

Thanks to everyone who worked hard on the Virtual Files release - really liking it so far otherwise!


Hi @jeffreybrown93

You could look if there is already a feature request on GitHub and then either open one or comment / upvote the existing one…


The Virtual Drive feature itself is really great, very useful and highly appreciated, but I strongly second this requirement for thumbnails support: if the filenames aren’t descriptive, you are actually forced to either download them or identify them directly on the server. This appears really suboptimal and cumbersome to me. This applies to images and videos.

Somebody has already created a corresponding enhancement request in GitHub:

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Everyone, go to the github feature request Thumbnails of photos with Virtual Drive · Issue #3407 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub and leave a “thumbs up” reaction for the initial post :wink: that way devs know that a lot of ppl want it.