Feature Request: Support IOS (Android) Live Images on Upload (and Galery)

Hello everybody,

Since some time now, iOS supports Live Images, which is a simultaneously taken movie next to an image. The movie (*.mov) has the same name as the image and is some secons long. If you long press an Image in the iOS Galery, the movie is played and it looks, as if the still image comes to live. Some Android Phones have startet to implement something similar

Could this be a feature added to Nextcloud in the long term?
The Nextcloud Client on iOS would have to upload the *.mov next to the Photos.
On the Server Side, Nextcloud could hide the *.mov images in the Photos Folder and play them over an image when the mouse is hovered above.
Tumblr has started to implement such a feature, especially for iOS Living Images. The Server Side is probably a bit harder, but the NextCloud CLient on iOS should be able to upload the *.mov files.

What’s your opinion on this? I for myself really like watching the living images.

Greetings from Germay,


On Nextcloud iOS it’s in To-Do :wink:

For Android it is kind of on the ToDo list as in “implementation on folder sync/instant-upload” has started, thus when this feature is ready the Android app will upload any file present in the folder (thus the *.mp4, *.mov, *.whatever too). :slight_smile:

@Andy, it would be nice for the future synchronize the needs ios / android, what do you think ?

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@ios absolutely, yes! We do all feature and release planning in our Github issue tracker, so yes joint features should be aligned there imho,while there will probably also be platform specific and platform aligned features that might differ for both platforms. cc @tobiasKaminsky

Nice :slight_smile:
@ios is there a place to look at the ios roadmap?

not yet @Maulwurf now very very busy for next version 2.12

@Andy we build a common area, where?

@ios best would be a Github tracker I guess. Not sure if we need a common one or just corresponding issues in an iOS tracker and an Android tracker which reference corresponding tickets.

@Andy i think now is important a place for : design, features, new API & more performing for client (ios, android, win, mac etc) . ok for Git

Note : i have send mail to @jospoortvliet to understand why there is an area with all available API for developer client.

so, guys, with the iOS app now in github, this should be easier :smiley:

Also - next hackathon, you should join :smiley:

Probably in January.

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