Feature Request: QR Code Login for Talk App (Android and iOS)

Hi Devs,

Why not implement QR Code Login in the Talk App too.
If somebody of my friends asks me what I use
for texting every now and then and he gets my
usually Facebook etc. bashing I could offer something quick. I say try it out I make you an account.
It would be very big Plus if a can just make an account random password
and just say scan QR Code and we are ready to go.
Usually this does not happen cause it just takes too long and the interest fades away too quickly.
For persons who use more than one phone it is very useful when staying on holidays,
cause the expensive phone can be left alone while the cheap one does the trick too.

Big Plus.

Great Work, thanks.

I think that would be fine.

But you can also use it today.

You can copy-and-paste the url to an app e.g. QR-Code-Generator (not tested) or to web based generator e.g. qrcode.js .

If the generator uses Javascript the link is not send to a webserver.
But you can also host the script on your own webserver.

After generating QR code your friends can scan the code from your smartphone.

Hi @devnull ,

Thanks for the quick answer.

i do not understand what makes it better.

The QR Code I can get from Settings Security Create new app password → QR Code.
Every Information I would need (at least for Android Nextcloud) is displayed there.

So I already have a QR Code without using a third-party QR Code Generator but unfortunatly the Nextload Talk Android/iOS App does not offer the possibility to scan and use it.

But if it works somehow without typing (Server,Adress,User,Password) please tell me.

Thank you.

Sorry. I think i was wrong in understanding.
Perhaps you can create an issue.


Here are the corresponding issues for

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