Feature request: Print view for emails

Well there are still some ppl among us printing out stuff on their printers. Esp in business important emails are treated in this fashion.

As feature request for mail app: Could you enable some CSS print view styles in order to remove all top and left navigation panes when printing out emails please?

IMHO Rainloop has that. Why reinvent the wheels?

I would love to use Rainloop, but as far as I know it cannot handle usernames and credentials different then email addresses for instance: email is max@domain.com but login for IMAP and SMTP credentials is max@domain.local. This is often used in Active Directory with MS Exchange Servers. In Nextcloud only integrated Mail App can deal with this or I am missing something?

bringing this thread up again regarding Rainloop and SMTP Credentials. My problem is to get it run for users with different Email and Auth Credentials e.g. the Email is firstname.lastname@domain.com but login credientials on IMAP and SMTP is lastname@internal-domainname.local

I’ve already played around with custom-login-plugin but with no success.
Anybody here who managed to run Rainloop in this scenario?

I think this would be a really good feature.
Personnaly i would print them as pdf into a folder.

In the latest/ current Mail version this function is added. Thank you!

Now plain-text emails and I am completly happy :wink: