Feature request: Print view for emails

Well there are still some ppl among us printing out stuff on their printers. Esp in business important emails are treated in this fashion.

As feature request for mail app: Could you enable some CSS print view styles in order to remove all top and left navigation panes when printing out emails please?

IMHO Rainloop has that. Why reinvent the wheels?

I would love to use Rainloop, but as far as I know it cannot handle usernames and credentials different then email addresses for instance: email is max@domain.com but login for IMAP and SMTP credentials is max@domain.local. This is often used in Active Directory with MS Exchange Servers. In Nextcloud only integrated Mail App can deal with this or I am missing something?

bringing this thread up again regarding Rainloop and SMTP Credentials. My problem is to get it run for users with different Email and Auth Credentials e.g. the Email is firstname.lastname@domain.com but login credientials on IMAP and SMTP is lastname@internal-domainname.local

I’ve already played around with custom-login-plugin but with no success.
Anybody here who managed to run Rainloop in this scenario?

I think this would be a really good feature.
Personnaly i would print them as pdf into a folder.

In the latest/ current Mail version this function is added. Thank you!

Now plain-text emails and I am completly happy :wink:

How was this ever removed? I’m presently using mail app 1.10.3, and next cloud version 21.0.4 (as it is Aug 2021). Yet every time I attempt to print an email (to save as pdf) the CSS causes the email to be pushed up and to the right so much so that I have to scale the print job down to 50% just to ensure the email isn’t cut in half.

If there’s some magic button somewhere where I can “Print Preview” so that all the mail folders and navigation is gone so that I can print to file please advise. View source is a bit rough to print as you see the html markup which I would rather have rendered.

to this date , version 1.11.4, this feature is missing, and if you press ctrl+P you get a buggy mess that is not even constant on what is shown.
Where is the print preview?

With 1.11.4 and NC 23.0.0 or NC 22.2.3 (Firefox and Chrome) it works great for me. Maybe you want to show us a screenshot what you mean with “mess”?

In image 1 you can see the message is not even complete, and there are several other shenanigan goin on like the shadows border.

In image 2 I set the browser zoom to 70%, that should not take any effect printing but…
and had the contextual menu open.

I don’t know why the full mail isn’t shown, works for me. What browser is this (maybe this is related? Open mail in right with but wrong height · Issue #5868 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub)? The borders are a feature not a bug, I guess. But you can hide them with CustomCSS:

@media print
.envelope {box-shadow:none !important;}

The sitezoom doesn’t have any impact on the printpreview. The thing with the open menu should be a bug, maybe you wan’t to write an issue to the developers? Issues · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

In the meantime I found another 3 bugs/features that are so obvious that should not be there/happening.
so I was writing and essay about all the problems nextcloud-mail printing have, to put it on the github forum but then I realized is useless.
I think nextcloud and their developers are awesome, but if after the Mail module being around more than 6 years and still have no proper print preview, its because the devs are not at all interested on fixing it. the current implementation just take a screenshot of what is currently being shown and send it to the printer.
So if I wan to print something I will revert back to thumderbird. Its sad because nextcloud mail is literally the only alternative that word in the browser (And I have tested then all) and I wan to use it because managing several emails in several computers and phone can be a pain in thumderbird and k-9.

What else should the mailapp do? Speaking about printing the mails out of the brwoser… I guess I don’t get, what’s your problem. Anyway: Why are you printing mails?

sorry your comment is not very useful…

in business and even for private issues you always need to print certain mails… or at least to create printable PDFs.

I can confirm current 23 version of Nextcloud and Mail app needs some love. In print view there are still Buttons visible and the ugly rounded border around the content.

I can see that, but maybe my post before is helpful? (Feature request: Print view for emails - #11 by swindhab)

Or you can use the following in customCSS for not having the border or buttons in the printed mail:

@media print
.envelope--header {display:none; visibility:hidden;}
.envelope {box-shadow:none !important;}

Anything else missing?