Feature request: Manual Sync button for mobile app

It seems that the mobile app is synching in longer intervals now, probably to save batter. In general, this is a good approach. Otherwise, it is now a really long time until photos and videos are synched with the server. Very often I need my pictures “nownow” for processing on a Desktop computer. If that would only be a few files, I could do it manually. But it is not really practiable to synch a bigger amount of files, like 200-300. I would be happy for a “snych now” functionality, maybe also other people that work a lot with media.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Which mobile app, iOS or Android?

On Android all you do is swipe your finger down in the app to manual sync.

Under settings you can de-select folders and locations you do not need on mobile, which is easiest way to avoid dealing with syncing a bunch of things you do not need on that device.

Hi just, that function is obvious. But I think you are talking about the screen refresh, or a refresh from the server to the mobile screen. I actually meant the smartphone pictures synching to the server, the auto-upload itself.
Hope that clarifies it.

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