Feature Request: "Impressum" and Privacy Declaration Links

As with many other Nextcloud apps, calendar, unfortunately, does not offer the possibility to have links to the contact information and privacy declaration, as far as I see. (If I should have overlooked it, I would be thankful for a hint, of course.) But under the GDPR, it is, of course, not enough to just link to that from the homepage or some pages of the installation.
Therefore, in order to use the calendar not only for private purposes, would you please enable the option to have links set to an “Impressum” (contact information) and to one’s privacy declaration. Nextcloud offers so many options, but many of them can simply not be used legally safely, if these links do not exist, unless one has much more programming experience than quite a few of its users might have.

Check out “Legal notice link” and “Privacy policy link”:


Thank you for your response. I do have filled in those, but they do not show on the calendar. Those links only show on certain pages, e.g. the login screen. But not on many of the apps. To really be GDPR compliant, a nextcloud installation that is not only used for private purposses would need to have those links on all pages, including app pages (and e-mails sent by nextcloud or its apps would probably have to have a signature with the option to fill in there the relevant contact data.)

(There also seems to be an older theming app, but that requires “server version 13 or older”, and it will not work on my installation.)

So I am not sure there is a solution there?


That’s right, it’s an issue in the calendar app. The following PR should fix it.


Thank you!