Feature request for Contacts app

I’ve installed NC20 and enabled both Contacts and Calendars app (and updated them and also NC to the latest available version)…

Importing a VCF file works perfectly. However I see a need for extending the Contacts app by some more and above all useful features:

  1. When a VCF file is successfully imported into a pre-selected addressbook, the new contacts are “stored” in the so-called “non-grouped” category. This makes hard to distinguish them from another import of VCF files because the next contacts are also put into the same “non-grouped” category. What is the benefit of it? I don’t see any.
    The imported contacts are not shown (displayed) relative to their addressbook though the are separated internally into their addressbooks.
    (The “non-grouped” category seems to be a catch-all file.)

  2. It should be possible that the addressbooks are displayed. They also should be selectable (i.e. one should be able to select / deselect them on user-specified demand.
    Deselecting an addressbook does not mean that the corresponding contacts are deleted; the contents of the addressbook should not be displayed until the addressbook is reselected again.

  3. It should be possible to always see the number of contacts in a given address book, as well it should be possible for the total number of contacts be displayed.

  4. In Contacts app one can create groups ans subsequently one can open some contacts and manually assign the name of the group just created to the relevant contacts. After restarting NC session both the names of the groups have been lost and also the group names assigned to the contacts. Please correct.

  5. It should be possible to assign the name of an existing group to all contacts of an addressbook with one mouse click.

As far as I remember the feature of selecting / deselecting addressbooks during a NC session was supported in NC (until version v15 or v16). If this statement is true, why have useful features been dropped? For what reasons?

In general I like NC very much.

Best regards

Everybody really happy with the current features of NC Contacts app?

Day of death:
Importing a vCard v3.0 file with entries like “DEATHDATE:YYYYMMDD” is accepted by NC v20.0.7 and its associated Contacts app (latest version). When displaying the vCard object in the Contacts app, one sees an additional field “Todestag” (in English: “Day of death”), but there is a message “Invalid date”.

Changing the above mentioned entry to “DEATHDATE:YYYY-MM-DD” everything works as expected: NC displays the date of death correctly.

Note: While birthday has to be represented in the form “BDAY:YYYYMMDD” the date of death has to be another format though the RFC 6350 clearly states that it should also have the date format “YYYYMMDD”.

2. GEO location
Importing a vCard 3.0 file with an entry like “GEO:49.12345;9.876543” results in a field named “Ort” (english: “location”) with a value of “0”.
Note: The entry “GEO:49.12345;9.876543” exactly corresponds to the specifications in RFC 6350.

A similar test with a vCard 4.0 file, but this time “GEO:geo:49.12345;9.876543” (according to RFC 6350) results in an error (or better say: such a value is not shown in the vCard of that person").

How to reproduce?
Just create minimal VCF file.

Kind regards

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