Feature Request : Enable Feature 'Limit to Groups' - Deleted Files Apps

Could you make enable ‘Limit to Groups’ - Deleted Files Apps ?

I want to create few folders (different location with SMB protocol external storage) which in that folder the existing files can be deleted permanent directly and another can be deleted to trash bin temporarily

As far as I know is making few user accounts to enable to delete files permanently and temporarily by setting ‘limit to groups’ in the Deleted File Apps

In that way I can determine the contents of the folder that can be deleted permanently and temporarily

@mario1212 Sorry, I don’t understand what kind of feature you are requesting. Could you please be more precise. Sometimes a screenshots says more than thousand words :wink:

Did you get what i mean ? Could you please make this feature show up ?


I think this feature is really important to allow Users (Guests) choose what they want to enable or disable trash bin, please considering to make this happen, thanks