Feature request: download multiple files at once

When browsing files, we can tick arbitrary files and add to the baskets, and can download or share all files in the basket.

it is possible to download a folder already. I think it’s easier if you sort the files you want to download at once into a folder and download the whole folder then.

Thank you! However, the basket I mentioned has files cross folders.

What problem does this solve as compared to just downloading the files in the directory you are currently in, and then downloading the files in another directory?

When a user access files across folders, he can arbitrarily add a file into the basket, and of course can remove files in the basket. Finally, he can batch download all files in the basket.

I understand what you are asking, I just don’t understand how that makes it easier than just downloading files as you go along. It wouldn’t be a trivial feature to implement (in fact, there are some real challenges, like what do you do if two paths have a file with the same name that you’ve selected to download?), so an explanation of how it actually has a real benefit would go a long way towards getting the ball rolling on it.