Feature & Apps in Nextcloud version x

Am I missing something or are there no official “What’s new in Nextcloud version x” announcements/press releases/blog posts … ?

With every new version I’ve tried to find one but all I get is various sites with changelogs. I want something for non-nerds that I can read and send to friends. I don’t need a long list of small fixes and improvements - I want to know what’s new & exciting.

Is there something I’m not getting or have misunderstood?

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What you’ve found is exactly what it is. If you want a more formal announcement those are only included in major releases that include blog posts, but these are still all based on the changelogs and pull requests. It is the nature of such a distributed team, which includes the company and volunteer contributions across all of the app ecosystem. :hugs: :person_shrugging: :see_no_evil:

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Thanks @just

So what counts as a major release? I’m used to each change of the first number being a major release (the second for feature changes, the third for security patches).

I guess I don’t need a reply, I just think it’s odd.

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