Faulty Syncing with diverse Operating Systems

Nextcloud version: 3.9.1 and and unknown
Operating system and version: MacOS 12.6.7 and iOS 16.5.1 and /e/OS 1.12.3

I try to set a synching between NC and MacOS, iOS, /e/OS (Android).
The confusing thing is: on every of those three systems other parts stay out of synch. Which is:

  • MacOS: Calender & Tasks
  • iOS: Contacts
  • /e/OS: Files

This is true although I am using the very same log in information every time. Subject 1 and 3 worked before today’s struggles.

What I tried (besides hours of research in several forums and constant forcing to synch):

I would appreciate any idea. Since I am Rookie, I don’t now much about things; for example I don’t know how to find out the Apache version(s).

That documentation you linked to is extremely old. Make sure you’re accessing current documentation via https://docs.nextcloud.com.

Let’s start with gathering the basic background info though:

  • Your Nextcloud server version (this will be visible under Administration settings)

Thanks for your attention.

I’m afraid the above stated version number is the only one I can find. There is only general settings in the desktop app (if I translate right).

The problem decreased. That is why I reply late. During the last days this happened bit by bit:

  • All Instances: My new password was accepted at more and more instances of NC. Now all services run in principle. Which is great.
  • Phone: File transfer stayed apparently out of order but then started to erase files on the phone which I deleted in the cloud. One. Picture. Each. Day. (Synching contacts is similar slow. Adding Pictures and contacts from the phone to the cloud is fast instead.)
  • Phone: Calender displays every entry twice. This should be a configuration problem and presumably needs some separate investigation.
  • Cloud, Mac and iPad work together now like a charm. Only the phone with /e/OS keeps some performance struggles.