Failure by Copying primary CALDAV address

after installing Nextcloud Version 25.0.2 I am no longer able to copy the CalDAV address within the calender app (Ver. 4.2.4)
Message: CalDAV-Link konnte nicht in die Zwischenablage kopiert werden. (Not able to copy CalDAV-Link into the clipboard)

Any idea what the reason is?

Regards spider53

hello @spider53 welcome to the forum :handshake:

it works for me on NC 25.0.4 (calendar app 4.2.4) with Firefox… :man_shrugging:

Hello wwe,
I updated NC to 25.0.4 and the problem stays. It’s not only with my configuration, my brother, who sets up the config independently, has the same problem.
We also us Firefox, NC is running as a docker container on a QNAP NAS.
I cannot see any other problem to now.

Regards spider53

Use https and not http. I guess you use Safari? Welcome to Apple…

Hello Zeitkind,
I am using Windows with Firefox, not Apple.

The calender works fine, also the sync of the calender with Android devices. The only thing is, that I wannot see the CalDAV address any more. My brother has set up the config the last days and he will need the address to sync the devices.

Regards spider53