Failover Cluster with two dedicated Server

I hope I’m posting to the correct thread.

We own 2 identical dedicated Server and I want to move to Nextcloud.
My plan is to build a failover cluster with corosync, pacemaker. Currently we are using DRBD for keep are Fileserver up to date.

At the moment, we have a master-slave-setup. If the master fails, the slave becomes the master and sends an e-mail. So I want to have two identical server.

Corosync should take over the control over the apache service, drbd service, cluster ip, mysql & fencing.

In the Documentation there are only HowTo’s with Network Storage and external database Server. I don’t have a shared storage, every server should have his own data (up to date at every time).

I hope somone can lead me to right direction or can offer me a HowTo of this.

In general the Question is: Can DRBD take over control of the Data on the Server?

PS: I’m from germany, so if someone also speaks german, it would be easier to communicate :wink:

From time to time, I’ve seen similar request about multi-server environments. Enterprise support has probably some experience with that.

If data and database on the slave server are identical, it is promising. But it is up to you, to make some tests. It would be great if some people can share their configurations and setups. This way there will be more people here to discuss about specific solutions.

A cluster is on my list of to-do’s, for no other reason than I have a LXD host not even remotely utilised to its full potential. It won’t be for a while though yet.

I have a small Installation with two cubieboard (something live a Raspberry Pi) and Ubuntu Server.
The difference to your request is, that i use GlusterFS instead of DRBD.

But the rest is the same
Corosync / Pacemaker

In general, I run it as an active passive cluster. So all load is on one side.

And I’m from Germany, too :wink:


I already have a DRBD/Corosync/Pacemaker Setup as described above. It wasn’t hard to get it done, first thing you do is planning and then working. I think we run the same Setup. The only difference is, i ran two PowerEdge R730 instead of the cubieboards :thumbsup: Works perfect :stuck_out_tongue: Only problems are on the Nextcloud Software itself.

BG :slight_smile: