Failing to upload

Hey @ios - I’m getting this error when trying to upload a 30 min video. The transfers page is also permanently empty for all uploads it does (the red icon shows on files, but nothing listed).

iOS 11
NC 12.0.3

@JasonBayton 30 min video … in MB ?? and in Automatic Upload o Manual Upload ?


It took a while to find the filesize… 1.02GB
Failed via auto upload, then later several times with manual upload.

Uploaded fine to Google Photos.

:scream: I hope this is only for testing and you are not using it seriously :wink:

:laughing: of course, I’m offended you’d even suggest such a thing :wink:

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Sorry @JasonBayton I don’t understand but in manual start upload ?

It fails no matter how I try to upload it @ios

yes but the question is, in manual, start and then error o return a error immediately without start and the error is ?

In both cases it starts to upload, does nothing for a few minutes and errors as per the screenshot in the first post. No difference between auto or manual.

I also end up with a filename of 0bytes on the server, again in both cases.

Thanks for your info