Failing Syncing Files not shown in Log file

When having a external storage disc attached to the NC instance, some files cannot be synchronized due to en ending dot in the file name. Why a dot is present at the end of file names and folders is might be due to a migrated disc from a known online Cloud Storage provider.

  • To solve these syncing issues, file names are being corrected whenever the windows apps mentions there are problems with synchronization.
    So far not a real issue here. But it would be nice to see failed syncing attempts in a log file. Especially when there are a lot of file or folder names to be corrected.
  • Looking into the log files on the clients computer, these logfiles do not show failed syncing attemps.
  • My question is not really related to a problem in Nextcloud, but to inform you about the installation i am talking about: NC Hub8 (v29.0.0), PHP 8.2, client App version 3.13.0 (latest)

Is there a way to make failing syncing files / folders visible in the log files on the client machine?

So what does appear in the logs during the time window the client reports the problem?

Can you provide an example filename? Is it really just blah. that is being problematic? I wouldn’t expect that form of filename to be a problem. That’s weird.

EDIT: To clarify, are the files visible in the Nextcloud Web UI, but just failing to sync to the Desktop client? Or are they missing in the Web UI as well? Oh, and what is the backend type of the storage (e.g. SMB, S3, FTP, etc.)?

This is an example where I am talking about.
It shows that there are some syncing problems for NC, because the folder names od file name are ending on a dot (or could be a ‘:’ as well). Because NC can not sync these folders / files, they are not recognized and will not show up in the Files GUI of nextcloud.

If i then go to the log files in the C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Nexctloud folder to find the lastest log file, I hoped to find the ‘failed’ file names in it. But the Log file only shows what has been synced.

Bassically it is not a NC ‘problem’ because I can change the file names on the disc and then these will be synced correctly. Finally these will be visible in the Files GUI of NC.

So that is why I wondered:

  • Could it be possible to generate any failed sync files in the log file?
  • Because it would be nice to find events in the logfile that did NOT pass, right? And not only find events that where successful.

Extra info: The files are previously been downloaded from an known Cloud Storage provider, then put onto a disc that is now attached as an extra hard drive for the NC instance.

Did you check the nextcloud.log on the server, too?

Yes, I have checked the log file on he NC server as well. No syncing failures are storeds there.